UPDATE: 15/05/22
On April 11th, a devastating fire destroyed the home of our business, Roldorf and Co, along with the other businesses and residences located in the building. The building has been completely demolished and work is under way to remove the debris.

We have focussed now on restarting Roldorf, and will be reopening a beautiful new location to serve you by late summer. Our online store is still functioning.

For those of you that have your watches with us, we ask that you please be patient. Jason was able to get a number of customer jobs out as the fire was raging upstairs. It was a very harrowing task as the shop was filling with smoke very rapidly. However, it is taking us time to go through everything. As we do, we are slowly able to start individual communications with the owners of those watches. Not all is accounted for yet, as there is a safe still buried under the rubble. We have been updated that the safe will not be recovered until the end of June or early July as it will take six to eight weeks to remove the rubble. Be assured, the safes we use are incredibly strong.

As more information is available, we will communicate general updates specifically through our website www.roldorf.co

During this incredibly difficult time, we greatly appreciate your patience, kindness, and understanding.

The Roldorf Team