How To Get Your Watch To Us

  • If you're local, use Concierge!

    Corporate Concierge: If for whatever reason it's difficult to get to us, we will pick up the watch and drop it back off to you. Our service area for this stretches from UBC to Boundary Road, downtown to South Vancouver. This is our Concierge Service!


  • For everywhere else, send it in!

    If you need to send a watch into us because you are not in the Concierge Zone and cannot make it to our store in person: 

    • please contact us using the "? Help" floating button to discuss your watch & shipping options.

    For shipping, at the very least, we suggest packing your timepiece in a sturdy box or container that is padded. A pelican micro case is a perfect option for this  as your watch will be well cushioned and protected for its trip over to us. In it please provide contact information so we know who the watch is from. (We have many skills but being clairvoyant is not one!)

    Here's the drill:

    1. Contact us & wait for a reply. ( click the " ?Help" button bottom right corner)
    2. Package and send your item.
    3. We receive your item & provide you with a job ticket.
    4. We inspect your watch & contact you with our findings.
    5. On your approval we complete the required service/repair work.
    6. We ship your watch back to you!


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